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The Life Ledger is the ultimate life audit
for creating a life worth living!

If you are ready to stop operating mindlessly and start living strategically and systematically, then you need The Life Ledger.

You probably never intended to become a liability to your own life, UNTIL…
You saw it on paper and maybe even in the
J.D. Frost and his business partner, Paul Croft, share over 30 business ventures and have helped clients and investors raise over $18 million and have closed more than 35 million in real estate transactions. But in 2019, J.D. was in a significant amount of debt that he didn’t believe he could get control of until he started creating a living daily ledger.
The Life Ledger is the ultimate life audit that will lead to purpose, discipline and freedom in the pursuits that are true to you. It is a systematic process that keeps you present, reminding you where you are going, how you are going to get there, and the people who are supporting you on your path by writing down your goals, affirmations, targets, powerbase, gratitude and more, daily.


Whether you are currently experiencing doubt, fear, and isolation OR you have lost sight of the things most important to you, The Life Ledger will create awareness, habits and confidence to set you on your path to success.

Since you’re the one who got yourself into this place, you’re also the one who can get yourself out of it. The power to change is yours.



The curtains are pulled all the way back as J.D. shares some of the principles and procedures of great leadership. Getting an insider’s view on how J.D. created not only one, but thirty business ventures is a great opportunity for you. He takes the principles of a business ledger and shows you how to put them into a life ledger in a new and exciting way. Don’t you think it’s time to start leading your life so you can reach your goals?



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